711 Robot

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Tertiary character
"711 Robot"
7¹¹ Robot.png
The 711 Robot and the robber-bot in 3004. A Planet of the Clams poster is in the background. [4ACV06]
Planet of originProbably Earth
ProfessionVending machine
First appearance"Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television" (4ACV06)

The "711 Robot" is a vending machine that sells 711 products. It was at the auditions of Antonio Calculon, Jr.'s role in the television show All My Circuits, where it sold lottery tickets, in 3004. [4ACV06]

Additional Info



    Leela: There's a lot of famous child acting units here.
    Fry: Look! There's Macaulay Culkon. [He points at a spotty Robot whose hands are permanently attached to his face and who has a permanently shocked expression like Macaulay Culkin on the poster for Home Alone.]
    Leela: He's just not cute since he got puberty installed.
    Fry: Pst. There's that Robot child actor who grew up and robbed a convenience store!
    Leela: And there's that Robot child actor who grew up and became a convenience store! [The Robber-bot puts some cash into the 711 Robot.]
    Robber-bot: Lottery ticket, please. [The 711 Robot prints out the ticket.]