African Hydraulic Fever

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African Hydraulic Fever is a disease that affects robots. On the television show All My Circuits, Calculon caught it in season 2 when he was holding out for more money. Bender (disguised as a fembot (Coilette)) use the very same disease to explain his fembot's fake death to get out of marrying Calculon.

According to Calculon (and also implied by its name), it can only be caught in the deep jungles of the Congo. Apparently, Bender and his friends were well aware of this fact, and in their act implied that Bender had been protecting diamonds for the natives in the Congo jungles against Congo Jack and his partner in crime. Whether it is a real or fictional disease is unknown.

Additional Info


    Dr Zoidberg: It appears to be a case of African hydraulic fever!
    Calculon: Dear God! The very illness my TV character caught in season two when I was holding out for more money. It's often fatal.
    Coilette: Whatever happens, remember, the flame of my eternal love will burn forever.
    Calculon: Of course. But, smoochiepups, I thought one could only catch hydraulic fever deep in the diamond mines of the Congo.