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Animatic for
Space Pilot 3000
Space Pilot 3000 Animatic.png
Fry delivering the pizza as seen in the animatic
On DVDVolume One, disc 1

As the first episode, "Space Pilot 3000" was also the first episode to have an animatic available.

Differences from final copy

  • The kid's line is a lot longer, with "You stink, dude, even my grandmother could get past the first gorilla, and she thought this was a cigarette machine".
  • Fry whines to Mr. Panucci about his shift being over, and that Michelle is supposed to meet him there, to which Mr. Panucci explains that he has already waited 3 hours and she probably won't come anyway.
  • Instead of "I left your stuff out on the sidewalk", Michelle says "I hope we can still be friends".
  • Instead of the shouting of "one" at the view of Earth, a lot of different languages are heard.
  • Fry's remark when he wakes up consists of "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, hey, my bike's gone!" Fry also has a line after the opening sequence, in which he states "I must have been frozen for months".
  • After Fry's quip about "my god, a million years!", Leela corrects him with "technically, it's closer to a thousand, but still a long time".
  • The probulator has a small device that shoots a black liquid into Fry, which dyes his eyes black, he then shoves it out of his head by hitting it.
  • Leela also states the age of the Professor to be 149 years old. After which Fry quips, "he don't look too good for his age".
  • Before the dialogue about being the luckiest guy in the future, Leela introduces "just one more thing to take care of, and you'll be on your way".
  • The Poster Guy only has 4 fingers.
  • When Fry leaves Applied Cryogenics, he says "okay, gotta get out of here".
  • The man in the tube system says "JFK, Jr. Airport". Fry says "Empire State Building".
  • When Fry reaches the Empire State Building, he looks up and quips, "still as awesome as ever", the camera zooms out to show that only the top of it is there, hinting at Old New York being below New New York.
  • As he is walking to the Suicide booth, Fry discusses his own success so far, "I'm escaped my old life and I've escaped a crazy cyclops lady, it's not often a man is given a second second chance".
  • A small robot with a newspaper in it walks up to him, he just pats it. He walks by some vending machines, one for Slurm, another for Steaming Meat Shanks and one for Sex.
  • When fleeing the pub, Fry yells, "quick! Out the back door!"
  • When they arrive at the Head Museum, Fry is disgusted by the heads at first.
  • Bender is about to leave just before Leela have spotted them hiding with the heads, with "I'll meet you in the gift shop".
  • When Leela says, "he's just a poor kid from the Stupid Ages", Fry responds, "hey hey" and Nixon "I resent that".
  • In Old New York, Fry explains where he used to live, as the camera reveals that his apartment is nothing more than a bathtub hanging on its pipe, with two owls sitting in it.
  • When Leela arrives, instead of saying nothing, she says "let's get this over with, Fry".
  • Dick Clark has a far longer introduction of his special "New Year's Rockin' Eve, 3000", where he talks about Humorbot 5.0, a glowing sphere of anti-matter and the heads of Sha Na Na.
  • When they are about to take off, the Professor quips, "don't worry about the warning lights, the really interesting disasters strike without warning".
  • After failing to shoot down the Planet Express ship, Smitty apologies to Nixon, and asks whether they should send out a killbot to "arrest" them. But Nixon let's them go, because it is New Year's, so he invites Smitty and URL out.
  • On the ship, Bender lights a cigar in celebration.