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Tertiary character
Antonin Scalia
Antonin Scalia's head.png
In 3003 (4ACV05).
Date of birth11 March, 1936
Date of death13 February 2016
Planet of originEarth, United States of America, New Jersey
ProfessionSupreme Court Judge
First appearance"A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio
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In the 21st century, Antonin Scalia's head was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. By the year 3003, he had become an Associate Justice on the Earth Supreme Court. He participated in the cases of Earth v. Zoidberg (4ACV05) and Earth v. Feministas (ITWGY). In 3008, Bender apparently robbed him at gunpoint (ITWGY).

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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg's head: Can the witness identify the feminista leader?
    Bender: That's her right there, with the "I'm gonna kill you, Bender" look in 'er eye.
    Antonin Scalia's head: Hey, aren't you the robot who robbed me at gunpoint last year?
    Bender: No further answers, Your Honor.