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Tertiary characters
Planet of originNear Death Star
ProfessionNear Death Star gatekeepers
First appearance"A Clone of My Own" (2ACV10)
Barrier-bot #1Billy West
Barrier-bot #2Phil LaMarr

The barrier-bots guard the entrance to the Near Death Star. In 3001, they only let Fry in, thinking him to be Professor Farnsworth, when he provides them with a tissue sample (courtesy of Cubert), and impersonates an old man, and later, when Fry, Leela, Bender, and Cubert escape the Sunset Squad chasers, they break off the arm of one of the barrier-bots. [2ACV10]

When fleeing with the Professor's parents, the one who had his arm broken before lifts his arm only for them to smash through his head instead.

Additional Info

An armless Barrier-bot #1


  • Barrier-bot #1 has only one arm, his left arm, which acts as the barrier. While Barrier-bot #2 has normal arms, which appear to be identical to Bender's.
  • A barrier-bot cameos in "Slaves of New New York!".


    Fry: What? I'm old! Listen. [impersonating Farnsworth] Hey, you kids! Get off the lawn!
    Barrier-bot #1: Hm. It is true that old people are often concerned with children on their lawn.
    Barrier-bot #2: There's no denying that.

    Barrier-bot 1: Did your hump just say something?
    Fry: Uh ... I-I've got talking hump syndrome.
    Barrier-bot #1: Ah, T.H.S.