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Billy West
ProfessionVoice actor
Born16 April, 1952
IMDB profilenm0921942
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This article is about the voice actor. For the character, see Billy West (character).

William Richard "Billy" West is an American voice actor, singer, comedian, musician and radio personality, known to many for his work on the Howard Stern radio show. Billy West is a voice actor who provides voices for many characters in the Futurama universe including Fry, the Professor, Zapp Brannigan, the head of Richard Nixon, and Dr. Zoidberg.

Outside of Futurama, West is best known as the voice of Doug Funnie on the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug (when Doug moved to ABC -- which was merged with the Disney company -- West was replaced with Thomas McHugh due to salary issues) and the voice of Stimpy (and later Ren, after show creator, John Kricfalusi was fired) on the original Ren and Stimpy Show, which lasted from 1991 to 1995 (West did not reprise his role as Stimpy for the short-lived Adult Party Cartoon incarnation of Ren and Stimpy due to creative differences with Kricfalusi), but has done voicework on many other cartoon shows (both for kids and for adults) and even voiced such animated mascots as the Honey Nut Cheerios bee and the Red M&M.

Engagement with Futurama

Of all Futurama's voice actors, Billy West is perhaps the one most willing to profess his love for the show. As such, he was the crew member who spoke out most of the possibilities of Futurama's return for a second run, during much of Spring, 2009.

He stated he would almost be crushed if he could not be able to continue on the show, and stated that Futurama was the best gig he ever had.[1]

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