Bisque guy

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Tertiary character
Bisque guy
Unnamed Fat Guy.jpg
Planet of originProbably Earth
First appearance"A Flight to Remember" (1ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

The bisque guy is an unnamed obese man who has several cameos in Futurama, both in the background, as part of audiences, and with tertiary roles.


He is an acceptable partner for Amy in the eyes of her parents. He, or someone he is associated with, is apparently well off financially, as he was Leo and Inez Wong's neighbour while on board the Titanic. (1ACV10).

He is seemingly a friend of the Horrible Gelatinous Blob as the two were seen eating together at Fishy Joe's. When Horrible Gelatinous Blob was eating some Popplers, the bisque guy reached into the Blob's gelatinous body and took out a Poppler which he ate. This made Horrible Gelatinous Blob angry, he grabbed the bisque guy and swallowed him. (2ACV15).

Despite this, the bisque guy wasn't digested by the Horrible Gelatinous Blob as he was later seen by a food stall. While he was looking at the food, he noticed that Bender was rapidly falling down. Bender shouted at him to get in his way to break his fall. However, Bender ended up crushing a skinny blonde girl who was standing next to the bisque guy. (3ACV13)

Additional Info



    Inez: We met the nicest boy in the cabin next to ours.
    Leo: He's not very ugly.

    Bender: [falling] Someone fat get in my way!