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"Bite my shiny metal ass" is one of Bender Bending Rodríguez's most used catchphrases, and it is one of the most famous catchphrases on Futurama, together with the Professor's "Good news, everyone". It is commonly used by Bender as a retort to a comment at his expense. The catchphrase is also Bender's first uttered line on the show, in "Space Pilot 3000" to Fry, where he describes his reasoning with that his ass is "shinier than [Fry's]". The other of Bender's common catchphrases is "Me, Bender".

Major appearances

Bender parting with his shiny metal ass.

In "War Is the H-Word", Bender was prevented from saying the 'last word' of the quote because he had a bomb inside him which would explode if he said it. It could not be removed, so the word which would blow up a planet was changed to 'antiquing', one of Bender's least said words. Surprisingly, his second most said word was revealed to be 'daffodil'.

After Bender's death in "Ghost in the Machines", Hermes shows a graph of how the usage of the catchphrase has decreased by 98%. The remaining 2% is shortly thereafter explained as being of Scruffy's usage.

The central concept of "Assie Come Home" relies on the fact that Bender's ass is, in fact, very shiny - the shiniest object in the universe.


Already in the first season of the show, the line had been uttered enough to be a joke of itself, as "When Aliens Attack" feature Bender giving a parody of it when his ass is in fact not shiny, but "red-hot glowing". In subsequent episodes, there have been many other variations of the phrase, said by both Bender and other characters. This is sometimes done as a conscious parody of the phrase, such as when Fry tells Bender to "bite [his] shiny metal hat" (ITWGY). In other variations, it is done by characters who are probably unaware of the catch phrase, for example when Princess Num Num says that Bender "sure has a shiny metal bubbledeeboop" (6ACV21).

  • "Bite my red-hot glowing ass." (1ACV12) -- said while Bender cooks burgers on the beach.
  • "Lick my frozen metal ass!" (2ACV04) -- stated by Bender while skiing.
  • "Bite my colossal metal ass!" (2ACV16) -- Bender says this as he is 500 feet tall in the segment "Terror at 500 Feet".
  • "Maybe you can interface with my ass - by biting it!" (3ACV01) -- Bender's response when Leela suggests he interface with the Femputer.
  • "1947 can kiss my shiny metal-AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" (3ACV19) -- said by Bender, as his body-less head fell off the Planet Express ship to the ground.
  • "The modern world can bite my splintery wooden ass!" (4ACV14) -- said by Bender after he gets "downgraded"
  • "Bite my glorious golden ass!" (4ACV15) -- said by Bender-1 since he chose the golden finish as opposed to Bender-A, who chose the fog hat grey.
  • "Bite my shiny metal- OHHH NOOOOOOOO!" (4ACV18) -- said by Bender after he realizes he traded his ass plate to the Robot Devil in exchange for an airhorn.
  • "Bite my shiny metal face." Bender's Game
    -- said by Titanius Anglesmith before he smashes his shiny metal face against the Die of Power.
  • "Bite my shiny metal hat." Into the Wild Green Yonder
    - said by Fry in reference to the headpiece made of aluminum foil on his head to protect him from reading other people's thoughts.
  • "Is there an app for kissing my shiny metal ass?" (6ACV03) - about the new eyePhone.
  • "Yeesh! That guy can bite my shiny metal clamps!" (6ACV14) - said by Clamps, in reference to Zoidberg.
  • "Bite my tiny metal ass!" (6ACV17) - said by one of the Bender duplicates.
  • "As you can see, since Bender's death, requests to bite one's shiny metal ass are down 98%." (6ACV19) - said by Hermes.
    • A few seconds later, Scruffy interrupts Hermes with a vacuum cleaner. When told to be quiet, he responds with "Bite my shiny metal ass."
  • "Wife? What are you doin' with Bender's shiny metal, gas compressor?" (6ACV20) - said by Hermes in reference to LaBarbara stealing Bender's gas compressor.
  • "He sure has a shiny metal bubbledeeboop." (6ACV21) - said by Princess Num Num.
  • "Byte my 8-bit metal ass. [Bender turns to Hermes.] That's "Byte" with a Y." (6ACV26)
  • "Wipe my tiny metal ass!" (7ACV01) - said by Ben Rodríguez
  • "Nice shiny metal ass, Hermes!" (7ACV07) - said by Fry when examining Hermes' robotic implants.
  • "Bite my freshly molted, blubber-filled ass!" (7ACV13) - said by Bender in the form of an Elephant seal.
  • "Bite my shiny metal axe!" (7ACV18) - said by Bender after becoming a firefighter.
  • "Write my riny retal rass!" (7ACV19) - said by Bender as Bendee Boo, a parody of the cartoon dog Scooby-Doo.
  • "Hey, Fry. Take a picture of me bit'n' my own shiny metal ass." (7ACV21)
  • "He's just jealous that my ass is shiner than his teeth." (7ACV24)
  • "Byte my shiny, mobile ass. That’s "Byte" with a Y. Get it?" ("play Futurama" website) [1]
  • "You can bite her shiny metal gearbox." (Radiorama)


  • "He can bitty my shiny metal ass!" "Dummy Up!" (US#049)
    - said towards Bender's mini-duplicate, Bitty Bender.
  • "Behold! Mr. Oscar Wilde once bit my shiny metallic buttocks!" "Steampunk'd" (US#057)
    - said by Bender whilst acting as "Benderplate" on the show "Steampunk'd".


  • "Bite my shiny metal box!" - said by Boxer the Robot, a character based on Bender in Fry's Delivery-Boy Man comic. (Seen on the "Fry's Crudely-Drawn Comic Book - The Crudely Animated Edition" special feature on Volume 5)

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