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Futurama Comic 58.png
US Publish Number58
UK Publish Number(s)63
main comicIan Boothby
mini comicEric Rogers
main comicJames Lloyd
mini comicMike Kazaleh
Title captionAnother Bongo hit!
Published (US)30 November, 2011

Boomsday! is the fifty-eighth comic issue, released November, 2011 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Fry introduces Bender to the parents the Professor built for him as Bender was complaining that, unlike humans, robots didn't get their own parents. They promptly introduce new rules and begin embarrassing him. the four return to the apartment, and Fry calls the Professor to complement him on the new robots. Amy runs in to tell the Professor that his doomsday devices have all been stolen. He dismisses the idea that Bender stole them as his new parents have spy cameras in them. Bender starts to feel upset about all of his parents' rules, so his dad plays a game of catch with him to make him feel better. As the burglar alarm's memory has been wiped, Farnsworth heads to the bad part of town to question the Robot Mafia. Bender tries to rebel against his parents by sneaking out with Fry, they decide Fry is a bad influence and leave him outside overnight. Farnsworth questions Nixon, who also isn't the culprit. In the morning Bender is caught talking to Fry, who spent the night in an owl nest. His parents make him decide between Fry and them. Fry is tossed out of the building.

Act II

At Momcorp, Igner asks about the doomsday devices. Mom recognises that Igner would have said it differently and pulls the mask off of Farnsworth. The real Igner enters and screams, thinking that his face has fallen off. Mom no longer has any doomsday devices as they remind her of her relationship with Farnsworth, but she reminds him that he installed tracking devices in all of them. Bender apologises to Fry, but says he wants his parents to be proud of him and they can't hang out. Farnsworth and Leela track the doomsday devices to an asteroid. The thief is revealed to be Wernstrom, who has stolen them so that he'll have the largest collection in the universe and to be able to impress Shirley, who works in the university cafeteria. The poor shielding on Wernstrom's devices has caused him to go crazy. Bender tries to train a parrot to act and dress like Fry and his parents catch him. Bender finally stands up to them and they are proud that he has grown up. They shut themselves down. Farnsworth tricks Wernstrom into using a specific doomsday device, which destroys all the other doomsday devices. Leela escapes the ropes and kicks Wernstrom in the head. Farnsworth downloads Bender's parents' personality chips into Bender's phone, he starts ignoring their calls.

Additional Info


    Amy: Professor, come quickly!
    Farnsworth: It's been fifty years since I've done anything quickly!

    Farnsworth: Good. The atmosphere seems to be breathable.
    Leela: We really should start checking that before we step outside of the ship.

    Farnsworth: You left a black hole in my heart. And in the Virgo Cluster when you finally set the device off.

    Farnsworth: You know, this is a good excuse to start building a new doomsday device. Maybe with a disco ball and a shark fin on top. Of course, that's probably the gamma madness talking.

    Bender: "HRRRUMPH!"
    Bender's Mother: What's wrong, son? You're not still angry we grounded you for a week?
    Bender: It's not fair! All I did was hold up a liquor store. All my friends were doing it.
    Fry: Not me.
    Bender: All my cool friends!

    Bender: It's just... I've always wanted someone to say they were proud of me, and this seems like my only chance.
    Fry: I'm proud of you!
    Bender: I mean someone who matters!


  • In a flashback to a young Mom and Professor eating dinner at a fancy restaurant, Elzar can be seen working as a young waiter, when he overhears Mom say the word "Bam!", to which he responds: "Bam! I like the sound of that!". "Bam!" is of course Elzar's catchphrase.


  • This is the last comic to feature an opening caption on the cover.



Special Features

  • Comic - H.G. Blob in A Funny Feeling in my Tummy
    H.G. visits a doctor for an upset stomach. The doctor recognises him from the news. The previous morning a man attempted suicide by jumping off a building, but H.G. got in the way. Later, bank robbers fired a missile at the police just as the blob was passing. In the evening, a lion pounce on a child, but H.G. got in the way. The doctor tells him he is a hero, much to the blob's surprise. The man, missile and lion are inside H.G. Blob.


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