Boxy Robot (All My Circuits)

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Secondary character
Character on All My Circuits
Boxy Robot
RelativesCalculon, half brother
Unnamed wife
First appearance"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)
Played byBoxy Robot
Voiced bySynthesiser

Boxy Robot is a character on All My Circuits, portrayed by an acting unit of the same name, who communicates by beeping. He is the evil half brother of Calculon's character. Boxy was once married by Calculon while on board a hospital ship, it was announced that Boxy and his wife had six months to live. While no further All My Circuits episodes have been shown in Futurama, it is well known that deaths in soaps are not always permanent, particularly ones that are overly complicated.

Additional Info


  • Boxy once had an affair with Monique.


This is only for appearances of the character and not the actor.