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Secondary character
Planet of originProbably Earth
ProfessionSenior member of the League of Robots
First appearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs
Voiced byDavid Herman

Blatherbot? is a Robot of apparent British origin. He is one of the oldest living members of the League of Robots, and despite never having the title of ruling the League, he holds permanent position and is well respected by the rest of the members, who are quite willing to listen to him blather on about whatever (TBwaBB).

Additional info


  • While he is never referred to by any name in the film nor the commentary, due to his apparent only functionality, that of blathering, it would seem likely that this would be his name. But, as one would gather, this name was purely decided by The Infosphere in our Infinite Wisdom - however, it was subsequently canonised with the character's inclusion in mobile game Worlds of Tomorrow.


    Blatherbot: So it seems a Human had been rather injured by a knife, and as his... As his blood, you know, I think that's what they call it...
    Calculon: Quite correct, sir. Blather on!
    Blatherbot: As it drained away, he said... He said, Take me to a dock. No doubt he intended to say doctor, but he was unable to complete his thought, you see, being as he had died. So, taking him at his word, we dragged his corpse to the waterfront, whereupon the seagulls fed upon it.
    [All of the Robots laugh.]
    Bender: Humans are dumb and they die easy!
    Hedonismbot: Quite!

    Calculon: Anyone mind if I turn up the heat a tad?
    Blatherbot: Please do. I fear I'll catch a rust from this awful damp.