Chamber of Understanding

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Chamber of Understanding
Chamber of Understanding.jpg
The Professor in his chamber (6ACV02).
LocationPlanet Express HQ
First appearance"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" (6ACV02)

The Chamber of Understanding is a dome in the Planet Express headquarters where Professor Farnsworth, its inventor, spends his time trying to understand things. It comes down from the ceiling, not requiring to turn any switch for activation, and has a mirror ball that plays disco music, which presumably helps the Professor think. The Chamber was used when he needed to decipher the V-GINY ID code in 3010 (6ACV02).

Additional Information


  • The Angry Dome is a similar dome that the Professor uses when angry.
  • In different fan made videos the music used in the Chamber of Understanding is 'Around The World' by 'Daft Punk'.


    Professor Farnsworth: [He is looking through a giant telescope.] I don't like the looks of this V-GINY. Does anyone recognize those call letters?
    Hermes: [He searches through different ship designs on the holographic projector.] Nope. It's not in the Janeway's Guide either.
    Professor Farnsworth: Deciphering that ID code is critical. I'll be in the Chamber of Understanding. [A glass dome is lowered over him. A small disco ball is lowered from that. We can hear disco music.]