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Hermes suffering from Circusitis in "Proposition Infinity".

Circusitis is a disease that affects children of all ages. Its symptoms resemble the looks of a clown. Hermes was coming down with circusitis in "Proposition Infinity". After a sneeze, his face, hair, and nose changed colors. This disease also caused Hermes' feet to swell, so he started wearing bigger shoes. He was supposed to take pills, but they would just jump out of the jar, thus making the situation even more complicated... and a lot funnier.

Signs and symptoms

  • Face turning white
  • Hair turning orange
  • Nose turning red
  • Swollen feet
  • Sneezing hankerchiefs
  • Apparent fever, aches, fatigue, and general visible discomfort.


The affected people are supposed to take pills, so the pills are probably the cure. The only problem is that these pills are a little tricky to take. But as Hermes seemed to be all normal by the tornado harvesting in Planet Tornadus, the disease should be easy to treat.

Additional Info


    Leela: I thought circusitis only affected children.
    Hermes: Children of all ages.