Commentary:A Head in the Polls

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Commentary for
A Head in the Polls
A Head in the Polls.jpg
Production number2ACV03
On DVDSeason 2
Disc 1
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Bret Haaland
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Scott Vanzo
Director of computer graphics
J. Stewart Burns
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Nixon, etc.)
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, etc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • This episode has the first The Scary Door segment.
    • Maurice LaMarche does the voice, but very softly. It must be "[cranked] up to a million decibels."
  • Matt thinks The Twilight Zone would be really great if it were as long as this episode of The Scary Door.
  • Billy says America has remained the same since the 21st century when it comes to politics.
  • David says John plays Jack Johnson and asks who plays John Jackson. Brett answers "DiMaggio John."
  • David comments "Now that's satire" to Fry's "They sound like clones" line.
  • This episode was written before the United States Presidential Election, 2000.
  • It was believed that the Fox hated the idea of this episode and did not believe it would be good when the script came in.
    • David corrects him, saying that is every episode.
  • Matt explains they did not want Nixon in the show because children wouldn't know who he was. Billy says it doesn't matter because he's funny. David says it was easy to write for him because he's a cartoon character in real life.
  • John laughs at the voice Dave Herman does for the "Dudes for the Legalation of Hemp" representative.
  • Billy asks John if he used his Penn Jillette impression for the NRA representative. John says it "pretty much" is.
  • John says he does the voice of Zoidberg around his house all the time and wants to be Billy West.
  • David points out Hermes seems susceptible to a Brain Slugs. Hermes has one on his head in "Raging Bender".
    • John thinks he's been hanging out with the Hemp guy.
  • There was an idea where Hermes would have a Brain Slug on him for the rest of the show.
  • Matt explains the original Brain Slug idea featured them hanging from ceilings and dropping down onto peoples heads, making them much smarter. They would eventually cover your entire head, however.
  • David talks about Poster Guy's other appearances in the pilot.
  • Matt didn't know Bender was titanium until it was required.
    • David lists his metal composition and concludes it's at least 150%.
  • The dog is missing a urine sound because the censor didn't want it.
  • David enjoys that Bender can still be cocky when he is only a head.
  • It was challenging for them to find a character who could say the prostitution lines without it seeming strange.
  • David notices that there are much more butlers in cartoons than in real life.
    • Rich says "You've never been to my house."
  • The roulette wheel is 3D.
    • David asks if they could use that model to predict outcomes in Las Vegas.
  • Everybody clamours at the 3D chase scene. It was the first time the interior of Planet Express had to be modelled in 3D. The characters are 2D.
    • David is amazed that shot could be made for television. Matt thinks "Bender Head Racing" should be a video game.
  • Now that the interior is in 3D, it can be used again.
  • Rough Draft had to smash a car to model it for Bender's crash. (Joke.)
  • David says "It really pays to have a supermodel in a cartoon." Rich adds "Especially when you're just seeing their head."
    • They joke about having Claudia Schiffer in the studio.
  • A new angle on the Bill Clinton joke was "sort of" found.
  • Billy says "Rubber baby buggy bumpers" as Nixon.
  • Maurice LaMarche voices most of the Presidents Billy cannot.
  • Matt asks why George Washington says "thou."
  • David points out that the Wall of Presidents is a section the younger viewers won't understand much.
    • David jokes that Fox avoids taxes for two years because of the educational experience presented by this scene.
  • Matt is surprised by the positive comment about Nixon.
  • Billy says "Chicken Chow Mein" as Nixon.
  • There was a "2" in Bender's dream.
  • David points out that when a TV is turned on in a cartoon important information is immediately displayed.
  • Matt thinks they should have Fry nude for no reason.
  • Nixon was originally going to sing "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
    • It was changed to "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane because permission to use it was not attained. Both Nixon and David think it is for the better.
  • Stewart points out a penis joke featuring the Clinton Monument.
  • Billy likes how Morbo because he looks like a Paul Blaisdell type alien from the 50s.
  • There was a discussion on whether or not Nixon could sweat through his jar.
  • Matt's favourite line in the show is Nixon yelling "Shut up, dammit!"
  • The episode has come a long way from talking about Nixon and China.
  • The robotic grappling hook was fully animated.
  • Billy explains that Nixon's "Aroo" came from Billy thinking that Nixon would change into a werewolf.
  • Stewart likes how Bender's mouth changes to static when he is angry.
  • "So far from China."
  • Bender's pupils are always a square, like the symbol for "Stop" on a tape player.
  • David likes the scale robot Nixon has.

Highlights / Quotes

    Matt Groening: Good pose on Fry, I like that.
    Rich Moore: You do?!
    Billy West: I sit at home like that all the time.
    Matt Groening: Most of our viewers watch like this.
    Rich Moore: And we're doing the commentary like that too.
    J. Stewart Burns: But we're not crossing our legs.

    Billy West: [as Nixon] "Rrrrubber baby buggy bumpers."

    J. Stewart Burns: I have a recollection of the network hating this and refusing to believe it would any good when the script came in.
    David X. Cohen: No, you're thinking of every episode.

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