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Commentary for
Futurama (video game)
The Lost Adventure.png
Production numberconsole game
Matt Groening
Executive game designer
David X. Cohen
Voice director
J. Stewart Burns
Story and dialogue
Billy West
Voice actor (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, miscellaneous)
John DiMaggio
Voice actor (Bender, Sal, Igner, miscellaneous)
Maurice LaMarche
Voice actor (Morbo, Destructor, Walt, Sun God Impostor, miscellaneous)
Michael Rowe
Writer for series
Lee Supercinski
Producer for series

This commentary is unique in that it is for a special feature of a DVD called The Lost Adventure, which is based on content from Futurama (video game).

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Highlights / Quotes

  • J. Stewart Burns: I remember when were doing this game, there was a point where the stuff came back and I guess it looked kind of crappy, I thought it looked good because I used to play the games where everything looked bad. And Matt Groening gave the note like, "This looks awful. It should look better", and a week later and it looked all great, so apparently always give that note.


  • Maurice's phone rang in the commentary booth, he apparently then threw it at a wall.
  • John says he was in Final Fantasy XI, but he was actually in Final Fantasy X as Wakka.