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Commentary for
6ACV02 promotional picture Adam and Eve.jpg
Production number6ACV02
On DVDSeason 6
Disc 1
Matt Groening
Executive Producer
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Dwayne Carey-Hill
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, miscellaneous)
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, miscellaneous)
David Herman
Actor (Emperor Chop Chop, miscellaneous)
Peter Avanzino
Supervising Director
Claudia Katz

Topics of discussion

  • While Zapp's dream looks like it's pretty cheap to create, it's pretty advanced technology, and the ships on strings are actually 3D.
  • The episode was based on an idea Matt Groening had a time ago, according to David X. Cohen.
  • That on police shows, they can always enlarge a photo with unlimited resolution, is David X. Cohen's pet peeve.
  • The original idea of the episode was to have Zapp and Leela stranded on an Eden-like paradise. They realized that this was a type of story that could offend some people, and they therefore included V-GINY to represent this.
  • The design of the Tiny One-Man Stealth Fighter is modelled after sport cars, and Peter Avanzino points out that it's ironic they spent so much time on it, when it in the end is barely seen at all (because it is invisible).
  • The name of V-GINY comes from the "V'Ger" from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The V'Ger is in reality Voyager that returns after hundreds of years, with mud covering the middle letters.
  • Everything on the screens inside the V-GINY is inspired by past episodes, but it's all new animation. They do not, however, mention the eyePhone commercial that actually is from a future episode.
  • David X. Cohen points out that there is a lot of nudity in the first two episodes of season 6 (this and "Rebirth"). He says that while a lot of people have wondered if this is because they're now on Comedy Central, who have looser censorship than Fox had, the short answer is "no". It's basically just a lucky stroke that the two first episodes both had a lot of nudity, it was not planned. Matt Groening points out that at least they are fair, and show both people you want to see naked (like Leela) and people you don't (like the Professor).
  • The size of the leaves on Leela's breasts had to be discussed a few times.
  • David X. Cohen says that when Comedy Central received the joke when the V-GINY bleeps Leela, they gave them a note asking what she was going to say, and said that maybe she could actually say it on Comedy Central.
  • They explain the cause of the fire next to the Tiny One-Man Stealth Fighter is from Zapp's cigar, he spits it out when he bumps into it.
  • Trying to find a word ending with "GINY" (something that could collide with the V-chip) was surprisingly difficult, and they had several much more complicated versions before settling.
  • David X. Cohen isn't sure if the scene with Bender and the antenna is dirty or not.
  • David X. Cohen points out how good a performance Billy West did as Zapp in the third act.
  • There was debate as to whether Zapp was too evil in this episode. Billy West says its "a training film on how to be a lying jerk".
  • Claudia Katz points out that her favourite line is when Fry says "this is a good place to take a dump".
    • David X. Cohen hints that the final episode of season 6, "Reincarnation", will have a callback to that line.
  • Chris Elliott, who guest stars as the V-GINY, first tried doing a real tough guy voice, but they then decided to go with his more "sleazy" voice.
  • In the original animatic, Zapp was still very interested in having sex with Leela when requested by the V-GINY, and she was reluctant. It was however decided that that was too rough, and they instead decided to make Zapp more reluctant and Leela more willing, to avoid it being as "rapish".
  • In the very original version, Zapp was to join forces with V-GINY at the end, in the final moment of being a traitor.

Highlights / Quotes

    David X. Cohen: That was a cut from Amy basically naked to Leela basically naked.
    Claudia Katz: You made somebody very happy out there.
    Billy West: [In Zapp's voice] Me.

    David X. Cohen: I like the fact that Bender's sign just says "Bender is great".

    Billy West: This is a training film on how to be a lying jerk.