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Commentary for
Reincarnation infobox.png
Production number6ACV26
On DVDSeason 6
Disc 3
Matt Groening
Executive Producer
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Lee Supercinski
Ken Keeler
Executive Producer
Patric M. Verrone
Co-Executive Producer
Eric Horsted
Co-Executive Producer
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, miscellaneous)
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, miscellaneous)
Claudia Katz

Topics of Discussion


  • Billy West jokingly introduces himself as "Trudy DiMaggio", claiming to be John DiMaggio's sister.
  • The animation for this segment is in the style of Max Fleischer's work and early Mickey Mouse cartoons.
  • David X. Cohen says that the animation and script for this episode was very "ambitious".
  • It is mentioned how in old cartoons the animators would sync the "bobbing" motion in time with the music.
  • David talks about how the majority of the music in this segment is actual period music from the 1920s and 1930s, with the exception of a few tracks composed by Christopher Tyng.
  • Claudia Katz questions why Zoidberg pulls down his pants before closing the restroom door.
  • The only 3D animation used in this episode is the comet that Fry walks along and the eyes on the bomb.
  • Everyone discusses the older Tom & Jerry cartoons. Claudia Katz says she loves the Hanna-Barbera-era episodes, but dislikes the Chuck Jones-era episodes. She tells the viewer that if the episode opens with Tom Cat in place of the lion in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo they should turn it off.

Future Challenge 3000

  • This segment was originally going to come at the end, but the response to the anime segment was so strong that they swapped it with this.
    • Originally this segment was going to end with the words "Series Over" displayed on-screen, until it was swapped with the anime segment. This was also before everyone knew that the show had been renewed for another season.
  • This segment was drawn in Photoshop with a 1 pixel-sized pencil tool and then later blown up.
  • David comments that Chris Tyng composed some "beautiful music" for this episode.
  • The script for this episode was apparently written with Stephen Hawking's role in mind.
    • David says that Hawking recorded his lines and sent them off to the production team; he also notes that this is Hawking's third appearance on the show and thanks him.
  • David says that he is proud of the Professor's speech about the quest for knowledge, saying it is a good message to get across in what could have been the final-ever episode of the show.
  • David also suggests to the others that they should make another Futurama video game in the style of this segment.

Action Delivery Force

  • The music in the beginning of this segment is taken from Voltron.
  • David says that the table read for this segment was "chaos".
  • The Japanese text visible at the start of the segment apparently says "Doctor Crab's Amazing Dance".
  • Music from other Japanese anime shows is used within the segment, including tracks from Robotech and Battle of the Planets.
    • It is noted that the production crew got in contact with the team behind Battle of the Planets, who then sent them the original audio from their show. The Futurama production crew extracted this audio into a digital format, then sent the audio back along with the enhanced digital versions.
  • The animators made an effort to make sure the characters' voices didn't sync to the facial animation too much.
  • It is noted that all of the characters have 5 fingers instead of the usual 4 in this segment.
  • One of the editors synced up Zoidberg's line at the very end of the episode at the last minute by mistake, however they quickly told him to change it as he didn't realise it was meant to be greatly out-of-sync.
  • Everyone notes that this is the end of the sixth season; David then says they will be back for season 7.