Computer Judge

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Tertiary character
Computer Judge
Computer Judge.png
Planet of originChapek 9
First appearance"Fear of a Bot Planet" (1ACV05)
Voiced byTom Kenny

The Computer Judge is an Apple Macintosh computer who is judge on the planet Chapek 9 although he occasionally crashes. On one occasion, he sentenced Fry and Leela to perform tedious calculations and spot weld automobiles.

Additional information


  • In the same episode, a horn is blown that is the start up sound of the old Apple Macintosh. The sound where he crashes is the same of the Apple Macintosh.


    Robot Mayor: I intend to demonstrate beyond 0.5% of a doubt that these humans before us are guilty of the crime of being humans. Come to think of, I rest my case.
    Computer Judge: Thank you prosecutor, I will now consider the evidence.

    [A prompt box shows up on his screen: Sorry A System Error Occured [Restart.] The court gasps in shock.]
    Robot Clerk: Uh oh! He froze up again!
    Robot Mayor: Try control alt delete.
    Robot #1: Jiggle the cord.
    Robot #2: Turn him off and on.
    Robot #3: Clean the gunk out of the mouse.
    Fry: Call technical support.
    Robot Clerk: OK OK he's back online.