Charles Constantine

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Charles Constantine
Constantine - Space Pilot.jpg
Constantine sitting behind Michelle
Date of birth11 March, 1977
Date of death27 December, 2018
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Charles Constantine was a Human male with blond hair, goatee and a very deep voice. He met Michelle, who was dating Philip J. Fry, and began dating her. She soon dumped Fry for Constantine. Afterward, Bender walked in on them mid-coitus while searching for Fry. This was when Michelle found out that his name was Constantine. She remarked that it was "a dumb name". A few years later he shaved his goatee, married Michelle and graduated from a prestigious law school. At his graduation, Michelle learned that he was dating another woman. It can be safely assumed that he died sometime in the 21st Century.

Additional Info


  • This character has had three names in official media. He was first seen, nameless, in the pilot, then reappeared clean shaven as "Charles" in "The Cryonic Woman", was revisited in the comics (with goatee again) as "Jean-Claude" and is now known as "Constantine". It is most likely that his full name is "Charles Constantine", with the comics' name being non-canonical. Another possibility is that "Charles" is a nickname Michelle gave him to avoid having to use his real name, because she thinks it's "a dumb name".


    Michelle: This isn't Fry. I kicked Fry out two hours ago. This is my new boyfriend ... uhhh ...
    Constantine: Constantine.
    Michelle: Really? That's a dumb name. Ewwww.
    Bender: Hmmm, could be a trick. Let me see your ass, Constantine. ... Ohh, nice, now I see why she left Fry.