Contrabulous Choosematron

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Tertiary character
Contrabulous Choosematron
Contrabulous Choosematron.png
The Contrabulous Choosematron examining Hattie in 3012 (7ACV02).
First appearance"A Farewell to Arms" (7ACV02)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr

The Contrabulous Choosematron is a Robot whose purpose is to examine information about people and mark them positive or negative for certain events or tasks. He was used in 3012 to decide who should receive tickets to go to Mars on the Martian stone spaceship and who should stay on Earth (7ACV02). He did this by gathering information based on a scan of a person's hand.

He was a member of a sorority with Amy.

Additional Info

People accepted and declined


The following were accepted to go to Mars:


The following were forced to stay on Earth: