Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant

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Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant
Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant.png
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Bendless Love" (3ACV06)

Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant is a facility focusing on the bending of metal by Bending Units. The company was previously run by Sal, who has probably gone off to another blue collar job by now.

After being fired from Planet Express for having an uncontrolled bend-lust, Bender Bending Rodríguez decided to take a job at the Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant, while a strike was going on at the plant. The robots were striking against the company for hiring scabs at ten times minimum wage and effectively putting all the striking robots out of a job.

The Robot Mafia, however, were in support of the striking robots. When they discovered Bender, disguised as Flexo, repeatedly flashing his scab money at The Hip Joint, Donbot decided that it was time to give Flexo a little on-the-job accident.

Sure enough, later the same day, Clamps dropped an unbendable girder on top of the real Flexo. Bender, meanwhile, being emotionally linked with Angle-ine, discovered that she truly cared about Flexo, and decided to help Flexo out of his misery to make Angle-ine happy. Bender afterwards went back to work at Planet Express after having gotten bending out of his system.



  • Striking robots, formerly employed
  • Flexo, bending unit (girders)
  • Angle-ine, bending unit (wire hangers)
  • Bender, formerly bending unit (girders)

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