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Tertiary character
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Cylon performing with his partner Garfunkel at the Bend-Aid concert.[3ACV13]
First appearance"Bendin' in the Wind" (3ACV13)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio
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Cylon is a singing robot, who, with his partner Garfunkel, performed at the Bend-Aid concert in San Francisco.[3ACV13] He is in the bus that runs Bender over, after Bender faked being broken. In Bender's Big Score one scene shows Leela and Lars visiting the Cylon War Memorial, suggesting that the Cylons exist in some way in the Futurama universe and fought a war with Earth, thus it's possible that Cylon is both his name and the name of his race of robots. Later, Hermes gets a "Cylon eye",[7ACV07] backing this up.

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