Desert Muck Leech

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Desert Muck Leech
Desert Muck Leech.png
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

The Desert Muck Leech was a race of simplistic leech creatures living in a puddle on Mars, a puddle which was later paved over for a car park for the new Mars Vegas.

These Leeches are descendants of the Dark Ones, who fought in the Arms Race of Evolution but only one survived the paving of the puddle that they lived in. This one later killed Frida Waterfall and Hutch Waterfall, but it would be killed by an Encyclopod and then gone forever after being eaten by Dr. Zoidberg.

Additional Info


  • The Latin name given for the creature is "Cyprinodon martius", which comes from also Death Valley pupfish or in Latin, "Cyprinodon salinus". The "martius" in the Desert Muck Leech is purely a reference to the fact that it lives on Mars.
    • Ken Keeler, (who wrote the film the Muck Leech was involved in), had a personal likeness for this pupfish, which could survive very harsh environments.