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Secondary character
SpeciesRobot, possibly a giant Killbot
Planet of originEarth
RelativesMom, CEO of Mom's Friendly Robot Company
First appearance"Raging Bender" (2ACV08)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Destructor is a robotic armour-tank, whose use in battle has been ruled a war crime. He is from Pismo Beach and was first seen in a boxing ring fighting Bender and at the time was being controlled by Master Fnog. Mom uses him in an advert for Mother's Day.

When he's first introduced, he is controlled by Fnog, but later he is shown with his own personality. It is unclear if Fnog was controlling him against his will, if he was upgraded later, or if subordination is simply part of his programming (hence his use in battle). He sounds a bit like Morbo.

Additional Info



    Destructor: I will destroy you! [Screams, then puts phone down then picks it up again.] And stop calling me!

    Destructor: [giving Mom a drawing] This originates from the heart!

    Destructor: My leg feels funny!

    Destructor: My leg feels better!