Detective Klaus Mandela

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Tertiary character
The Finder Outer character
Detective Klaus Mandela
Detective Klaus Mandela.png
Detective Klaus Mandela, on the T.V. show The Finder Outer. [7ACV16]
ProfessionPolice officer
First appearance"T.: The Terrestrial" (7ACV16)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Detective Klaus Mandela is the protagonist of the T.V. show The Finder Outer. [7ACV16]

Additional information


  • "Klaus" is a German name. One of the protagonists of the American T.V. series The Bridge, which premiered exactly two weeks after 7ACV16 aired, is a detective played by German actress Diane Kruger.
  • The name "Mandela" most commonly refers to former South African president Nelson Mandela.
  • Detective Klaus Mandela was originally named Slaznack, [1] possibly a derivation of the name "Selznick".


    Announcer: Coming this fall... Some cops can read minds.
    Detective Klaus Mandela: Did you do it or not? I'm not a mind reader.
    Announcer: Some cops can see the past.
    Detective Klaus Mandela: I could solve this crime if only I had personally watched it happen!
    Announcer: And some cops get help from angels.
    Detective Klaus Mandela: Come on, Gabriel. You must've seen somethin'!
    Gabriel: Nah, man. I ain't seen nothin' for no cop.
    Announcer: But there's still one cop with no special abilities whatsoever.
    [Detective Klaus Mandela sighs.]
    Detective Klaus Mandela: There's only one way to know who committed this crime. I'll just have to... find out.
    Announcer: Detective Klaus Mandela is... The Finder Outer.