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Tertiary character
Djambi applying chocolate icing to Hedonismbot, at the Metropolitan House of Opera, in 3004. [4ACV18]
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"

Djambi is Hedonismbot's valet. He makes only a handful of appearances and never spoke once throughout the series. According to what Hedonismbot said in Bender's Big Score, he is in or was in a romantic relationship with him. This could mean they are robosexuals. It was revealed in "The Late Philip J. Fry" that Hedonismbot was going to marry a house in the suburbs, thus it is unclear if his relationship with Djambi continues.

Additional Info


    Hedonismbot: Djambi. The chocolate icing.

    The professor: I must tell you, Hedonismbot. I hate to sell my doomsday devices to a private collector. But, with my business stolen, I... have to make ends meet. You will be careful?
    Hedonismbot: I shan't touch them till I've had Djambi lock the absinthe and ether away.

    The professor: Sir! The Spheroboom is not for sale. It's my sentimental favourite.
    Hedonismbot: No need to explain. I too have known... unconventional love. Perhaps you and I... and Djambi... could get together and compare notes sometime, eh?