Earth Supreme Court

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Earth Supreme Court
Earth Supreme Court.png
LocationWashington D.C., Earth
First appearance"A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)

The Earth Supreme Court is the highest court on Earth, and handle any legal affairs the Earth president may have. Richard Nixon specifically mentions that it is the place where the "constitution means squat". During voting, the judges communicate using high-speed telepathy.


In its two appearances so far, the court have had a change of judges from the ones in 3003 to the ones in 3009.


The judges of 3003

From left to right:


The judges of 3009

From left to right (italic indicate they were also there in 3003):

Only 4 judges remained from 3003 in 3009, meaning Nixon would have had to appoint at least 5 in the meantime (Abdul, Alito, Björk, Garofalo, and Sagal), and would have also elevated Associate Justice Snoop Dogg to the Chief Justice position, suggesting he was faced with six different vacancies in the span of only six years.


The Supreme Court have handled the following trials, that we know of, involving members of the Planet Express crew.

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