Earth presidential election, 3004

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3004 Earth presidential election
Debate 3004.jpg
The giclée depicting the 3004 presidential election debate.
Held whereEarth
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)

The Earth presidential election of 3004 is a presidential election that occurred in 3004 and that was won by Richard Nixon. Nothing is known about the events of the election or the campaign, except that it was won by Nixon due to him still being President of Earth as of the events of Bender's Big Score in 3007.

Additional info


  • The election only appears in a giclée, which depicted an election debate featuring Nixon, Fry and a donkey. However, because it did not appear in the show, the debate and the election itself may not be canon.
  • According to a deleted scene from "Three Hundred Big Boys", use of the Earthican $300 bill automatically registered a vote for Nixon. This may be the reason for his victory.