Earth v. Zoidberg

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Earth v. Zoidberg
LocationEarth Supreme Court
Judge(s)The 3003 judges
DefendantDr. John A. Zoidberg
Charged forEating the Earth flag Old Freebie on Freedom day
Defence LawyerOld Man Waterfall
VerdictZoidberg convicted and sentenced to death
Polygamy legalized
Appearance"A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)

The Earth v. Zoidberg case was a trial by the Earth Supreme Court, with the honorable Chief Justice Myrtle Fu and the associate justices presiding. Zoidberg was charged for eating the Earth flag Old Freebie on Freedom Day. There were no witnesses called during the trial. The decision of the judges are 6-3 to convict, because "flag eating was not protected by the constitution". Zoidberg was sentenced to an immediate public apology, but by not agreeing to this, he was sentenced to death.

Additional Info


  • In this case, in a rare double-whammy decision, the court found polygamy constitutional.
  • This case later led to the Decapodian invasion of Earth.