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Planet Eternium.jpg
LocationThe exact centre of the universe
Inhabited byNibblonians
First appearance"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" (3ACV07)

Eternium is a very ancient planet located at the exact center of the Universe. It is the homeworld of Nibblonians, a race that came to existence 17 years before the Big Bang. The seat of the Nibblonian civilization, it is from here that the Nibblonians lead their defense of the Universe from the ancient threat of the Brain Spawn.

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  • Its name is probably a reference to Planet Eternia from the Masters of the Universe franchise or the fact that the planet is older than the universal itself, eternal.
  • There is no center of the universe, and even if there is, it isn't in the universe. This can be compared to a hula-hoop. It has a center, but is not on, or in, the hoop.
  • On Eternium there is an Abydos' gate address, from Stargate.