Five-eyed woman

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Tertiary character
Five-eyed woman
Five-Eyed Woman.png
Confronting Alcazar.
SpeciesFive-eyed Alien
RelativesSee Relationships
First appearance"A Bicyclops Built for Two" (2ACV09)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

The five-eyed woman is a female Alien with five eyes, brown hair, and an Italian accent, and one of the five weirdos Alcazar was engaged with, and tricked into believing he was the ruler of Cyclopia, in 3001 (2ACV09). She attended the Turanga-Fillmore wedding in 3007 (BBS), and the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony in 3009 (ITWGY).



She and three other brides of Alcazar, each one having also lived with him in one of his identical castles, discovered his wedding with Leela, with a little help from Fry and Bender, the day he was going to marry all five of them. The ladies took revenge on their groom by giving him a savage beating, after which he returned to his real form.

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    Fry: Hey, Alcazar, you left somebody off the guest list. [The five-eyed woman enters in a wedding dress.]
    Five-eyed woman: Alcazar, why you are so late for our wedding? And why you have only one eye
    Alcazar: It... ooh, uh! [He grows four more eyes.] Hey, sweetie. Just go back to the castle and wait for me. [He turns to Leela and returns to his one eye.] She— She's nuts. I can morph into a five-eyed Alien and I kinda said I'd marry her. But I'm really a Cyclops and I'm really going to marry you.
    Fry: Oh, yeah? Then what about this? [After Sandy enters in a wedding dress, Alcazar morphs into a rhino.]
    Alcazar: This is a bit awkward.
    Five-eyed woman: Who's she?