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Tertiary character
Deceased character
ProfessionOwner of Flarg's Sushi Hut
First appearance"Do You Want Fry with That?" (US#056)

Flarg is the owner of Flarg's Sushi Hut. Along with Frank Tubesteak and Stephen Jenkins, she tried to destory the earthies restaurants. When she announced that she was going to fake an accident the day, after Fry blew up one of the Earthies restaurants. But, because King Wendell, wanted to turn a profit in his business, he let her and the other restaurant owners, to accidentally blow up his restaurants, so he could collect the insurance from the accident. Bender's viruses, which he caught online from buying music, infected into the ship that she, Frank Tubesteak, Stephen Jenkins and King Wendell were in, causing it to blow, possibly killing all four.

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