Fourth Doctor

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Tertiary character
Fourth Doctor
Fourth Doctor.jpg
The Fourth Doctor emerging from the body of the Four-dimensional space whale.
AgeCenturies old
SpeciesTime Lord
Planet of originGallifrey
First appearance"Möbius Dick" (6ACV15)
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The Fourth Doctor was the fourth incarnation of the protagonist of the long-running BBC British television science-fiction series Doctor Who. He was portrayed by actor Tom Baker.

The Fourth Doctor, as seen in "All the Presidents' Heads".

He has been seen twice in Futurama. His first appearance, in production order, was in the episode "Möbius Dick", where he is revealed to have been trapped in the colon of Möbius Dick, a four-dimensional space whale, which was in a state of repeating time and space. He is later freed from its body by Turanga Leela, along with everybody else who had been trapped.

He was also seen in "All the Presidents' Heads", returning to his blue TARDIS time machine in an alternate Futurama timeline where the American Revolution had only been a Colonial Dust-Up. The Doctor is seen exiting a flying double-decker bus, a reference to the 2009 Doctor Who storyline "Planet of the Dead" in which the Tenth Doctor rode in such a vehicle.

According to a DVD commentary, Matt Groening named the character of Leela after the Fourth Doctor's companion of the same name. Writer Neil Gaiman has also made this claim in online interviews.

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