Freedom Day

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Freedom Day
Freedom Day Dance.jpg
The Freedom Day Dance.
Celebrated whereEarth
First appearance"A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)

Freedom Day is when all Earthicans celebrate their freedom. Evidently, it has evolved from the 4th of July in the 21st century.

Given Fry was not informed of the holiday before 3002, it is suggestible that the holiday is not annual.


On Freedom Day, anyone is more or less allowed to do anything in order to express freedom. This includes nudity as well as ignoring and hurting others without the fear of facing the consequences. The line of acceptance was tested in 3002 when Dr. John Zoidberg ate and thus desecrated the Earthican flag in order to express his freedom. After being sentenced to death, he was helped by the Decapodians, leading to Earth declaring war against Decapod 10, a war that would give Freedom Day a whole new meaning.

The traditional Freedom Day chant is "Freedom, freedom, freedom, oy! Freedom, freedom, freedom, oy!" while performing a sort of Hopak dance.

The Earthican president generally gives a speech on the day.

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