High-Powered X-Ray

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High-Powered X-Ray
High-Powered X-Ray.jpg
InventorProfessor Farnsworth
Owner(s)Professor Farnsworth
First appearance"The Duh-Vinci Code" (6ACV05)
Current statusStill at Planet Express

The High-Powered X-Ray allows its user to see through anything. It fires some kind of blue laser ray. This device was able to show that Hermes is not big boned, but just fat instead. It could also see Animatronio inside The Last Supper.

Additional info


  • The F-Ray has the same function as this device. Although it's possible it's not high-powered.
    • Alternatively, it may be based on the F-Ray's technology, or Farnsworth forgot about the F-Ray and reinvented it.
    • It may be a more refined version of the F-Ray. When the F-Ray was used on Fry, he was sterilized and experienced pain. Hermes experienced no, known, side-effects when the X-Ray was used on him.

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