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Conference Table Archives
Good morning, people.
Good morning, people.
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This is the former page of the Conference Table, please use Infosphere:Conference Table for creating new discussion. This is purely for history purposes.

Background Jokes

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Referencing other episodes.

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Image standards and choices

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Levelling system

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Types of characters; splitting secondary characters into 3

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Inline episode/film/comic references

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Bender's Big Score on UMD?

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Needing Image Template

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Donations for new server

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Main Page suggestions

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Reception and production

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Something I'ma work on.

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I demand more connections!

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Categories for voice actors?

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Calling all Nerdlingers!

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Oh yes, I forgot...

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Chinese Infosphere - coming up

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Linking to Redirects

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Season 6 is fact

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More Categories

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Forum style for the Conference Table?

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