Kang and Kodos

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Tertiary character
Kang and Kodos Johnson
Planet of originRigel 7
ProfessionIntergalactic Invader
RelativesMaggie Simpson, Kamala (daughters)
First appearance"Simpsorama"
KangHarry Shearer
KodosDan Castellaneta

When the Bart Simpson creatures crashed into Earth, Ndnd, annoyed at the presence of the creatures, particulary as 'The Johnsons' were coming, said that the capsule they were in would have burned up on re-entry had Lrrr not switched off the atmosphere. Lrrr protested that he liked it cold when sleeping and then said 'Besides, these horrible Earth creatures are delicious", before cramming a few into his mouth, this caused Ndnd to run of crying, just as Kang and Kodos arrived. He said that 'the one [who] is female' should go and console Ndnd. Kang and Kodos, the aforementioned 'Johnsons' looked at each other, before both going, confirming that these two aliens are a lesbian couple.