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Tertiary character
Ken Keeler's head
Ken Keeler's head.png
Ken Keeler (left) with fellow television writer and producer Eric Kaplan (right), in 3001, on the internet. [2ACV09]
Age1062 or 1063
Date of birth1961
Planet of originEarth, United States
First appearance"A Bicyclops Built for Two" (2ACV09)
2ACV09David Herman
US#S02 readingKen Keeler
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In the 20th and 21st centuries, Ken Keeler was a television writer and producer with credits on various programmes, including The Simpsons. By 3010, he had been turned into a head in a jar. [6ACV11]

In 3001, Keeler was in a filthy chat room with Leela and Amy. [2ACV09] In 3002, he attended an eBay auction at which a being of inconceivable horror bought the Milky Way. [3ACV15] In 3004, he attended Package-Con, in Space Diego. Disputed canon [US#S02] In 3009, he attended the ceremony for the implosion of the violet dwarf star. [ItWGY] In 3010, he was part of the crew for the new Fox series Futurella, which was immediately cancelled. [6ACV11]

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    Ken Keeler: Hello? Are there any girls in this room at all? [2ACV09]

    Ken Keeler: Will there be any DVD sets? [US#S02]


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