Leelis Lane

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Tertiary character
Character in Delivery-Boy Man
Leelis Lane
Comic Leela.jpg
SpeciesProbably a Mutant
First appearance"Delivery-Boy Man" (US#S03)
Voiced byBilly West
This article is about the Delivery-Boy Man character. For the actual Futurama character, see Turanga Leela.

Leelis Lane is a comic character based on Turanga Leela. She was created by Philip J. Fry to be the love interest of Delivery-Boy Man in a comic with his name. It is unknown whether or not she has superpowers, but it is unlikely, as she couldn't defend herself from being abducted by Invader X, a supervillain.

Additional Info


  • In the comic, she is voiced by Fry.
  • Her name is revealed in the comic but is never used in the episode.
  • Her name is a pun on Lois Lane, Superman's love interest.


    Leelis Lane: Oh, Delivery-Boy Man! You saved me by random chance.