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Leo and Inez.

The Wong family is a rich family of Martians of Chinese origin.

Family tree

Sir Reginald Wong and an unknown woman gave birth to Leo Wong, who married Inez Wong. They then had a child whom they named Amy, who later became fonfon ru to Kif Kroker.


The Wong Family owns the entire Western Hemisphere (roughly 17.9 billion acres) of the planet Mars. Their ancestors were among the first settlers who made a deal with the native Martian people- trading them a single bead for their land. The Martians held tremendous resentment against the Wong family for many generations- until they learned the "bead" was in fact a massive diamond worth enough to buy a new planet for their people.

The Martian deal was completed by Sir Reginald Wong who had planned to return the Martians' native land after 100 years. However, the Wong family kept this secret in order to preserve their tremendous wealth- until the Robot Mafia took over their casinos and Amy Wong revealed the truth to get the Martians on her side & save her parents.