Luna Park carny

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Tertiary character
Luna Park carny
Luna Park carny.png
The Luna Park carny at Luna Park, in 3013. [7ACV26]
ProfessionAmusement-ride operator
First appearance"Meanwhile" (7ACV26)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

The Luna Park carny is a man who operates Luna Park's Mecha-Hexadecapus ride. In 3013, Leela almost died after flying off the ride and crashing through the moon dome. [7ACV26] Fry, Bender, and Albert were also riding.


The Luna Park carny was first heard in the Comic-Con reading for 7ACV26, in July 2013. [1] He was also featured in a preview clip for 7ACV26, [2] released less than a week before the episode aired.

Additional information


    Luna Park carny: Hold tight! The Mecha-Hexadecapus is about to flail erratically into action!


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