Male CDC scientist

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Tertiary character
Male CDC scientist
624-Board J.jpg
Page 52 of the storyboard for "Cold Warriors", released by Countdown to Futurama.[1]
First appearance"Cold Warriors" (6ACV24)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The male CDC scientist is a man who was involved in the crew's quarantine, in 3011, along with the female CDC scientist.[6ACV24]


On 6 June, 2011, Countdown to Futurama released part of the storyboard for "Cold Warriors" introducing the character.[1]

The appearance of the CDC scientists was changed for the episode.

Additional Info


  • The male CDC scientist's design is the same as that of the scientist who counted down to the explosion of the atomic bomb in "Roswell that Ends Well". This scientist is also voiced by David Herman.


    Male CDC scientist: G'wan now.