Manly Alien

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Tertiary character
Manly Alien
Manly Alien.png
Between the man and the tester.
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder
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Manly Alien is a four-eyed, green, male alien with two arms and three legs who seems to be an ironworker. He helped test the 18th hole of the Wongminster Miniature Golf Club, which is property of Leo Wong, as he succesfully launched the ball at the King Kong hole, making its construction complete. Manly Alien is the only known member of his species.

Additional Info


  • Although there's only one man and one manly alien, the tester refers to each one of them in plural. The tester also tells the man he did a good job, but he really doesn't seem to have done anything.


    Tester: Stand by, men. And manly aliens. Prepare to test fire King Kong hole.
    [The manly alien launches the ball at the gorilla. It goes into his mouth and comes out on the green, rolling into the hole for an ace.]
    Sal: It workses!
    Tester: Good job, men. And manly aliens. Construction of King Kong hole complete.