Martian Reservation

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Martian Reservation
LocationBeneath the Great Stone Face of Mars
Planet of locationMars
Inhabited byNative Martians
First appearance"Where the Buggalo Roam" (3ACV10)

The Martian Reservation is the underground reservation where the Native Martians were forced to migrate following their trade with Sir Reginald Wong (of the Wong Family) of all the land on Mars for a single bead. Many years later, they felt "heap great buyers remorse" and wanted to trade back. The Wong family wanted no part of the trade, so the Martians kidnapped their daughter, Amy Wong. When they discovered that the bead was actually a Giant Diamond, they gladly abandoned the planet, satisfied with their original deal. When the native Martians left, this underground complex seems to have been commandeered for temporary use by the Legion of Mad Fellows, and the Feministas; who used a side chamber at the same time.

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