Milhouse Van Houten

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Tertiary character
Milhouse van Houten
AgeSee the simpsons wiki
Date of birthsee the simpsons wiki
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionPrincipal at Springfield Elementry
RelativesSee the Simpsons wiki
First appearance"Simpsorama"
Voiced byPamela Hayden

He donated his lucky rabbits foot to the time capsule, believing he could have good luck without it. He was wrong, as as soon as he put it in he tripped up, had the time capsule closed on his nose, and Nelson Muntz gave him a wedgie, while laughing. He was also videotaped having these unfortunate events happen to him and the tape was put in the time capsule, so future generations can laugh at his misadventures. The rabbit's foot that he put into the time capsule was later partially responsible for the creation of the Bart Simpson creatures