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This article is about the trivia, the quotes, the references, etc. appearing in Into the Wild Green Yonder. It does not, however, include DVD information, character listings and cast information.

It is a separate article due to the fact that the amount of information to deal with in a trivia manner is huge when compared to a regular episode.


    Bender: Wow, Mars Vegas. Long live the eternal city.
    Mr. Wong: Two, One, Zero! [Presses plunger, and blows up Mars Vegas.]
    Bender: Rest in Hell, Crapville!

    Bender: Yo, you need any girders bent I know a guy.

    Mr. Wong: Take that, you stupid Mother Nature.

    Frida Waterfall: Let's hit 'em hard.
    Eco-feminists: [singing] This land is your land, this land is our land...

    Dr. Zoidberg: I don't quite know how to say this; Fry is dead.
    Fry: Oooow [Fry stirs, alive.]
    Dr. Zoidberg: Wait not dead, the other thing.

    Mr. Wong: Damn eco-broads. You can't even spray for eagles without upsetting these kooks.

    Professor Farnsworth: Ah! Cyprinodon martius. The desert muck leech. Amazingly, the entire species lives in this one tiny stinkhole. [To Mr. Wong.] Killing these will be so much easier than exterminating those ponies. [Imitates pony trotting, then gunfire, then a pony neighing.]

    Dr. Zoidberg: Look out, Vegas, I've got a system. [Uses slot machine while laughing, then abruptly stops.] Oh. I'm bankrupt.

    Leela: Fry, calm down and stop braining.

    Bender: [about Fry] Man, I'm worried about him but not enough to stop gambling for even a single second.

    Hutch Waterfall: Also it'll keep the Dark Ones from incinerating your brain.
    Fry: That's a plus.

    Donbot: Whoa. Whoa. Show some decorum there, Clamps. This ain't no strip show. This is a beguiling display of the pornographic arts.
    Joey Mousepad: Yo Skip. I can see a guy's butt.

    Bender: I'm Bender. Let's do it.

    Donbot: And this is my beloved wife, Fanny, whose honor I would proudly defend with a power drill. Well, I gotta go drown a stoolie.

    Fry: [To Leela.] Oh, and speaking of sucking on your neck, want to go to a movie later?
    Elzar: Hey, there! How are you folks doing tonight?
    Bender: Great. What are the specials?
    Elzar: We've got a wonderful grizzly bear that's been dipped in cornmeal and lightly tormented. Questions?
    Amy: What was the bear's name?
    Elzar: Jojo.
    Amy: Ooh, I'll have him.

    Bender: I'm 40% lucky. The scrap metal I'm from included a truckload of horse shoes from the luckiest racehorses in Mexico, who had just been sent to a glue factory.
    Fanny: They don't sound so lucky to me.
    Bender: Not without their shoes.

    Bender: I stepped on a leprechaun.

    Penn Jilette: Welcome viewers who fell asleep with the TV on! It's the 3009 no-limits Hold 'Em Championship. I'm the massive head of Penn Jilette and here with the color commentary, my partner Teller. Our act really didn't change much when he died.

    Fry: Bite my shiny metal hat.

    Penn Jilette: Looks like Boobs Vanderbilt has a decent pair. Also she's got two eights.

    Bender: [thinking] Ooh. Two aces, I'm thinking guitar solo. [Mimics guitar solo.]

    Bender: I'm so full of luck, it's shooting out like luck diarrhea.

    Bender: Looking at one's cards is a crutch for players who rely on skill.

    Bender: [Leaning back with eyes closed.] Read em, n weep... then, tell me what they are.

    Leo Wong: It's a 14-footer with a clown hazard. What club you recommend, Baggy?
    Baggy: As on every hole, I suggest the putter.

    Leela: It's [Leo Wong's miniature golf course.] very nice. I just wish Amy and I didn't have to wear these sexist badges on our melons.

    Leo Wong: Oh, yeah, I love miniature gold. Love everything about it, except how damn miniature it is.

    Professor Farnsworth: Status report science officer.
    Bender: Zilcho. No signs of life or intelligence. [cackling] [thinking] Just like Fry on a date.

    Bender: Captain, I'm detecting life on the Spock-o-scope!

    Leela: It's amazing. It's like a textbook on evolution.
    Fry: Except in Kansas.

    Leo Wong: So get out, or I'll have vice-president Agnew's headless body throw you out.
    Leela: I'd like to see him try.
    President Nixon's head: Me too. Should look funny. Sic 'em, Agnew.

    Leela: Full power to the vagyroscope!

    Leela: Now, unfortunately, the media is going to put a negative spin on this, like when we killed that guy, so to win public support, we'll need a lovable mascot.

    Zoidberg: Squirm all you want, you nasty dumpling. One less species for the universe, one more breakfast for...
    Leela: Zoidberg?
    Zoidberg: Leela. Me saving things the leech. Not the eating of it.
    Leela: Zoidberg, I'm very surprised at you, slightly.

    Leela: [to Fry] Goodbye sweet goofbag.
    Bender: [sighs] I'll miss her, too, buddy. Dibs on her iPod.
    Zoidberg: Dibs on... [moans]

    Hutch Waterfall: You see, the fate of the universe depends on you.
    Fry: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Characters in the audience scene

See Audience scene.

Characters in the opening sequence

General Trivia

  • The opening song is sung by Seth MacFarlane.
  • This is one among few Futurama media featuring its title.
  • It is also implied in the commentary of Bender's Big Score that Bender's materials will cause him to melt in hundreds of thousands of years. Though despite this, it does not occur in the film.
  • The writers have been quoted, at Comic-Con International 2008, saying that there is a "scene" containing "all of the characters" from Futurama, all clearly distinguishable. This was true until, due to Morbo saying that there are no children in the audience, they had to take out the child characters.
  • Tickle Me Bender dolls are an obvious parody of Sesame Street's Tickle Me Elmo dolls.
  • A 308" screen can be seen later for some short time, continuing the joke about the Professor's size problem (only 301").
  • The Australian release of this film falls on the eve of the anniversary of Bender's Big Score's Australian release date.
  • Robby the Robot makes another cameo appearance in this movie, the first being in The Beast with a Billion Backs.
  • In this movie, the Feministas' pink camouflage outfits are similar to the Zoidberg-stained outfits from "Bendin' in the Wind" and the Professor wears his driving gear from "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles".
  • "Bender, are you crazy?" "No, it's Fry who's crazy in this one!" refers to when Bender went insane in Bender's Game, and is also an obvious fourth wall break.
    • Additionally, the very last scene, while not a true break of the fourth wall, seems to refer to the uncertainty of whether this is the last of the series.
  • Right before Bender bends the brick wall, they abandon most of the eco-feminist group.
  • In the crowd scene near the end, the break in the glass is explained as not causing a life support problem (in the commentary) due to a force field. Apparently there was also such a force field on the construction site where Fry was working when Bender tapped his phone.
  • There are many risque jokes in the film, including Fanny twanging Bender's Antennae, Bender's Antennae growing in size, and two robots with disk drives on their crotch areas, with the Manbot transferring a disk to the Fembot.
  • This is the only time we have ever seen the Hypnotoad in a state where it has stopped hypnotizing long enough for its eye color to return to normal.
  • This also the only time that Fry's lack of the delta brainwave has come into play without Nibbler playing a part.
  • Destroying 12% of a galaxy would seriously upset its gravitational balance, possibly by enough to make it come apart altogether.
    • However, it depends on what is meant by "destroy". If the matter stays (generally) in the same place (just not in the same form/configuration), it would definitely qualify as "destruction", but the large-scale gravity wouldn't change that much.
    • Also, the dark matter component of galaxy (meaning "real" dark matter, not the former starship fuel) would be left untouched by most of conventional methods of destruction, as it doesn't interact with normal matter except via gravity.
  • The scene where Fry lectures Nine on his presentation is made to poke fun at how different history lessons are told in Films than real life.
  • The license plate on the Feministas' ship reads FEC01, which is 3 things: Eco, the F continuing the Feminist theme, and Fecol (fecal matter, poop). (Also could be a reference to the Ghostbusters Ecto1)
  • The scene where Bender is dressed up as, and acts like a hooker is yet another instance of Bender acting feminine.
  • The Earth Supreme Court is made up of current United States justices Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and celebrities Snoop Dogg (chief justice), Bjork, Paula Abdul, Janeane Garofalo, and the voice of Leela, Katey Sagal.
    • Also, due to their seniority, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas should all be seated closer to the Chief Justice's seat as Ginsburg was.
  • This marks the first (and so far only) time that a court scene or legal matter, that has been depicted on Earth, did not show the Hyper-Chicken.
  • A black hole is supposed to be used as a ball return after the 18th hole. This would mean that Black Holes in Futurama act similarly to wormholes, however they are not typically used as such because of the fact that humans can not survive the trip through one, unlike the wormholes.
  • Although, officially, there is no confirmation as to which species evolved into the Encyclopods/Dark Ones, there is evidence that the original intention was for it to be the snakes/frogs respectively. The frogs have an appearance that people are more likely to associate with evil, additionally the eyes of the snakes/frogs closely resemble the eyes of the Encyclopods/Dark Ones, and are even the same color.
    • This would also explain why the Encyclopods died out where the Dark Ones barely survived. The frogs started the war by eating the snakes, gaining a slight numbers advantage from the start.
  • The only characters who appear in both this film and "Space Pilot 3000" are Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Michelle, Smitty, URL, Ipgee, Terry, Lou, Nixon, and Nine (Including background, non-speaking characters).
  • It is interesting that the Brain Spawn never used foil to block out the thoughts of others. Since they know so much, they should be fully aware of such a solution.
    • This would have caused the Brain Spawn to no longer be able to communicate with each other as this is done telepathically.
  • During the rally at Leo Wong's miniature golf course, Leela urges them to protect the Violet Dwarf star "at Galactic Coordinates 167.84, -58.03 Mark 948." These Galactic Coordinates are located in the Cetus constellation, otherwise known as "the whale" (likely a reference to "Save the Whale" campaigns), specifically the star Mira. Mark 9:48 is a Bible verse which states "where THEIR WORM DOES NOT DIE, AND THE FIRE IS NOT QUENCHED."
Leo Wong holds up five fingers!
  • The Encyclopod must also have the ability to communicate through mind-reading, as it can talk to people through the vacuum of space.
    • It must also have it's breathing organs in it's pouch, since the pouch has oxygen-releasing trees, and the Encyclopod can breath in space.
  • At the end of the poker game, when Leo announces that Bender has five kings, he holds up a his hand, with five digits on it.
  • Despite the Professor stating that once entering the wormhole, they may never be able to return, judging by their current location, they entered the ball return of the golf course and so they should come out at the 18th hole.
  • Unlike the other films, the caption of this film ("The humans shall not defeat us") is not used on the episode created from its first quarter. Instead, it is used on the fourth episode since this would be the last episode.
  • After Hutch knocked out Fry, he tapped on the dumpster in reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • In order for his hand-shadow symbol for "the Dark Ones" to make sense, Nine would need to have five fingers on each hand.
  • For some unknown reason, the Sky1 and Sky2 channels in the UK currently broadcast this film in 4:3, not 16:9.
  • Zapp tells Kif to set the coordinates '36,24,36', a reference to the Commodores song "Brick House". This is also Bart Simpson's locker combination, as shown in the Simpsons episode "Kamp Krusty", and the "ideal" measurement of women along breast, waist and hips, respectively (in metric: 90-60-90 (centimeters)).

Gambling Machines

  • Wheel of Fortran
  • Pull my Finger
  • Yank me doodle-dandy
  • Poverty Party
  • Granny's Last Nickel
  • Coins-B-Gone
  • Quarter Pounder

Protest Signs

  • (A picture of the female gender symbol with a fist in the hole)

Alien Language Sightings

Time: 00:42
Location: A sign under the rollercoaster in the intro
Language: AL1

Location: The title caption
Language: AL1


  • The scene with The Hip Joint Janitor mixing Slurm and Mentos to make an eruption for the "Dancing Fountains" is a reference to the chemical reaction between Diet Coke and normal white Mentos.
  • Mars Vegas is an obvious allusion to Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of the Mars Vegas casinos are parodies of current Las Vegas casinos. The Wong is a parody of the Wynn (in both building design and wordmark), Botany Bay is a parody of Mandalay Bay (and is named for the SS Botany Bay, which it also resembles), Miragio is a combination of The Mirage and Bellagio, The Venutian is a parody of The Venetian, Excalibot is a parody of Excalibur, and Buggalo Bill's is a parody of Buffalo Bill's, even though it is not actually not in Las Vegas, but 40 miles south in Primm, Nevada. Bill has 3 eyes when he lifts his hat, a possible nod to Tienshinhan's famous Dragonball Z 90s dub line "This three-eyed cowboy is going for one last ride."
  • The sand worm the Wongs and the Planet Express crew are riding in the beginning of the movie is most likely a parody of the Las Vegas Monorail. The worm is also a clear allusion to the sandworms of Frank Herbert's Dune. The Wongs appear to be steering the sand worm using maker hooks.
  • In the introduction sequence, the Planet Express ship flies through a pedestrian mall similar to Las Vegas' Fremont Street.
  • The line from Penn Jillette "our act really didn't change much when he died" is a joke on how Teller isn't supposed to ever talk onscreen during their show.
  • The Keeler Gap, Keeler Crater and the 2261 Keeler asteroid are all existing astronomical locations in our Solar System, though, not named after Ken Keeler, the main writer of the film, but after James Edward Keeler, an unrelated astronomer.
    • The sign that reads "Mind the Keeler Gap" is a reference to the signs printed on the floors of train stations in the UK, which say "Mind the gap [between the platform and train]". The Keeler Gap is a 42 km/26.1 mi gap in the A-Ring (the outermost of the large, bright rings) of Saturn, where the small moon Daphnis (moon) can be found.
  • The painting covering the safe in the White House is a reference to the Coppertone logo.
  • When Zapp Brannigan, Kif, and Bender sing songs from the 80's, they sing Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf".
  • When Kif asks Zapp if they should go on another pointless mission, Zapp says the line "Make it so." A line frequently uttered by Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek Next Generation
  • During Zapp's speech Calculon thanks his operating system, said to be Windows Vista on the DVD and Blu-ray release, but was changed to Windows 7 on the Comedy Central reruns.
  • The moons of Mars are blue and pink. This may be a reference to the "Planet of Adventure" books by Jack Vance. The moons of the planet Tschai are blue and pink.
  • The robotic servant seen at the Wong Ranch is identical to one in the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet.
  • The Feministas' painting the King Kong figure's face with make-up may be a reference to the Guerrilla Girls.
  • While explaining everything to Fry, Nine says they're "grokkin' some super-weird junk." The word "grok" is an invented slang word from Robert A. Heinlein's novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. In the novel, "grok" means "to understand", but Nine seems to use it to mean something like "to sense".
  • The Madfellows booing and ringing ratchets at the mention of "the Dark Ones" is in reference to the Jewish tradition of doing this at the mention of "Haman" during the reading of the Megillah on the holiday of Purim.



Technical Goofs

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Following are goofs in the film due to overlooking details and drawing errors.

  • At one point in the audience Cubert is seen, but Morbo says that there aren't any children there.
    • Morbo could have forgotten him, or Cubert could have left for some reason.
  • Once again, the Nimbus is smaller than usual, in comparison to the Planet Express Ship, and at one point, it even seemed smaller than it.
    • It could look this way at different angles.
  • When the crew and Kif escape from Zapp in the final minutes, Kif is wearing his dress uniform, but when they go into the wormhole, he is wearing his regular duty uniform.
    • Also everyone except LaBarbara has reverted to their normal attire; however in "Rebirth" during the flashback, even LaBarbara is shown to have reverted.
  • The crack in the glass at the end crowd scene changes shape throughout the scene.
    • More glass could have fallen.
  • Fry said it was 5 years ago that the Native Martians left the planet, meaning they left in 3004. However they actually left in 3002.
    • However, he could be estimating, i.e. "About five years ago".
    • Also this movie was in production in 2007, making the line correct.
  • The Hypnotoad in the audience scene is much bigger than usual, as are various others, like Guenter. Other beings, like the Amazonians, are also smaller than they were originally.
  • April looks different in one scene of the audience scene.
    • They could all have smaller and larger chairs, making them look bigger and smaller.
  • Sewer Mutants are seen in the audience scene, even though mutants are not allowed out of the sewers.
    • That rule may only apply on Earth.
    • Mutants could've got free passes, and Helmut Spargle may have been someone who looks like him.
  • Helmut Spargle, who died in the episode "The 30% Iron Chef", makes an appearance.
    • Someone may have been able to resuscitate him.
  • Craterface is able to show emotion, even though he is wearing a large mask. His mouth also moves, though in his original appearance it did not.
    • He may have a epression changing mask.
  • When the Number Nine Man explains to Fry about the Chi at the Legion of Madfellows hideout, he is shown to have a boot on his left foot. However, after he footswears (using his right foot) with Fry, his left foot is shown barefoot.
  • On Bender's last hand, both of his cards are playing cards. But when his hand is revealed, the King of Beers is obviously a different shape and probably has a different design on its back.
  • At the start, when Leela is attacked by the Leech/Dark One, Fry is shown to be behind her when he should have been knocked out.
  • The fence was supposed to be a billion miles long, but it clearly wasn't when it captured the Wongs.
    • Though, they could just have used some of it.
  • At the countdown from ten to one, the Legion of Mad Fellows are cheering too, even though they are against it.
    • However, this could be so that the Mad Fellows blend in with the crowd, and are not suspected by the Dark Ones.
  • When the Feministas enter the Planet Express Ship, after escaping from the prison, they walk through a closed door.
    • It could be a fake.
  • When the professor says that money talks, he holds up a $5 bill. When they zoom in on the bill it is clearly in the hand of Hermes. When the camera zooms out again, the bill is back in Farnsworth's hand.
  • Leo Wong describes the first of his "Space Holes" as a par 2, however the score card shows it as a par 3.
  • When Kif is reaching into the safe at the White House, his left arm disappears behind the yellow shoulder cuff briefly while he's digging for the money.
  • In the audience scene, Zapp asks Kif if he can sit on his shoulders for a better view, but he shouldn't need to because he is sitting in the front row.
    • However, Zapp is known neither for his situational awareness nor his selflessness (especially in regards to Kif).
  • When everyone turns around to watch the hatching of the Encyclopod, Leo is wearing a Feminista mask.
    • He could've sarcasticly put it on.
    • Also after Amy whacked him a second time with the putter she is seen helping him up, so they may have made up and Leo decided to join them.
  • After trapping the Wongs behind the fence, Leela and Linda want to shout a clever slogan. Leela says that they can't because their chief slogan writer is at the Feminista hideout. However, Frida can be seen cheering with the other Feministas before Leela and Linda have their conversation.
    • This could have been a girl who looks like Frida.
  • Bender is not wearing a Feminista mask when looking at the Encyclopod, but seconds later, it is back on.
    • He could have taken it off and put it back on.
  • When Leo Wong is hitting the giant golf ball, he only hits it a total of 7 times, but Amy writes down 8.
    • He could have hit a time we didn't see.
    • She could have given him a higher score out of spite.
  • When the Feministas and Bender are in a small cave in the prison, Bender has still got make-up and his outfit on. When the Feministas and Bender are at the wall, the make-up and the outfit have disappeared.
    • As they run towards the wall, it can be seen that Bender looses the damaged wig as he starts sprinting and the outfit is shot off of him by the prison guards. The makeup disappears nonetheless.
  • Leela and Amy wear "Woman" badges when Leo is on the golf course. In the scene after which shows Amy and Leela travelling with Leo in a hovercar, the two are not wearing "Woman" badges anymore. However, Amy mentions that Leo doesn't allow women on his golf course, and because Leela and Amy are not on the golf course, it means that they could have taken off the badges, or were allowed to.
  • When Zapp asks Kif if he can sit on his shoulders, Mayor Poopenmeyer is colored like Elzar.
  • The shots of the audience are misused in some scenes.
    • When the audience is first seen, some people at the back already have their hands up long before the Feministas get there.
    • When Hutch starts explaining to Leela about the Dark Ones, the audience behind him is a freeze frame from earlier as the people behind him are all smiling and looking at the podium instead of the Encyclopod above them.
  • Mom isn't wearing her public appearances fatsuit in the audience scene.
  • In the audience, the Neutral president is seen expressing the same emotions as everyone else, however the Neutral people are unable to express strong emotions.
  • In the close up of the Professor holding the 5 dollar bill, his hand is colored like Hermes'.
  • After the Stripped Biologist Taunter shows why it's called that, Leo Wong is colored like Hutch Waterfall.
  • When Snoop Dogg waves his arms, Smitty's police uniform is the same color as Wernstrom's shirt.
  • At the implosion ceremony, Fry reads Leo Wong's thoughts to see if he's the Dark One even though Fry already read Leo's thoughts when he applied for the security guard job.
    • Also Fry briefly thinks Leela is the Dark One even though he read her thoughts at the casino.
  • After Hutch first knocks Fry out, Fry's tinfoil hat is on the ground at the mouth of the alleyway. However it is no longer there seconds later, as the dumpster's lid closes after Hutch gets into it. Additionally, Fry's hat is on the mattress beside him in the next scene, though this could be because it was retrieved off screen while Fry was unconscious.

Physics Goofs

The following physics goofs contradict current understanding of the laws of physics and have potential explanations because our knowledge of physical laws is incomplete. New inventions in the 31st century may also contribute possible explanations. That and the joke requires physics to be ignored.

  • In the scene where the Nimbus gets sliced open, the suffocating soldiers' bodies should be swelling(but not bursting) due to the out-gassing of the moisture within their bodies. The vacuum of space would also cause visible skin damage.
  • Bouncing an objective off of a Gas Giant, while theoretically possible at high enough speeds, assuming the theory that they get more solid as you get closer to the core holds true, would significantly reduce the object's speed. The golf ball seemed not to lose any speed. It is also way bigger in proportion to Jupiter than it is to Mars.
  • The Planet Express Ship can travel to the edge the universe in one week. The Professor saying that the wormhole would send them far enough away that they don't know if they'll ever come back would mean they'd have to either be sent outside the universe, or to a different universe. If it's the former then that means that the universe is far less than 1 quadrillion light years in diameter (which is known to be false). If it's the latter, it means there is another universe, which is inescapable, within 1 quadrillion miles of the specific wormhole.
    • However, the ship is now using whale oil instead of dark matter which may make it slower.
    • The ship also only ever traveled to the edge of the universe (excluding the non-canon journey to the furthest corner in the game). It's possible that our local cluster of galaxies is nearer to one edge than the other.
  • The sugar should not have been able to be poured into the fuel tank, as there is no gravity in space.
    • Although Saturn's ring's may have gravity, it's impossible at this point in time to know how strong or how much it would be effected by the sweeper removing its matter.
    • It is known that all known ships have artificial gravity. It's possible that this field extends a small distance beyond the hull, making it affect the sugar.
    • Also the smoke from the sweeper would spread equally in all directions without gravity. Although, this could be explained by the above explanation.
  • The worms in the organic potato should not have been alive in the vacuum of space.
    • Two Words: Space Worms.
  • The scent of the burnt potato Could not have traveled 100s of 1000s of miles through the vacuum of space to Leo Wong's location, especially not in mere seconds.
    • Additionally, from the rings, Saturn would appear much bigger than it did in the film. It should basically fill the screen. And any part to Saturn's side shouldn't have such a pronounced curve.
    • On top of that, for the sweeper to make such a large gap in the rings it would need to be massive, as in moon-sized or such. It is big, but nowhere near the size it needs be.
    • Finally, Leo Wong should not have been able to smell the burning potato while wearing a space suit.
    • Perhaps he has some sort of smelloscope built into his space suit. After all, the professor is his science advisor.
  • The Encyclopod is able to move through space by flapping it's "wings," which is impossible, since there is no atmosphere to push him forward.
    • He could fly and just flap his wings for show.
  • If the Encyclopod uses psychic powers to communicate with people through the vacuum of space, it could not have heard the Number 9 Man's talking since he was wearing tinfoil. Though it could have heard the thoughts of someone hearing Number 9 Man speak.
    • Although the Mad Fellows mentioned that even foil is ineffective against the Dark One at close range. Encyclopod could also have had this mind-reading ability.