Mr. Astor

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Tertiary character
Mr. Astor
Mr. Astor.jpg
Mr. Astor mutated.
AgeOver 112 years old
SpeciesMutant (formerly Human)
Planet of originNew New York, Earth or
Waldorf Asteroid
RelativesSee family section
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Mr. Astor is a very wealthy male Human. He was, in some way, responsible for the declaration of Mutant freedom of 3010. Astor is also one of the survivors of the 2912 Land Titanic disaster.


On 10 April, 2912, he went on a cruise with his wife. Unfortunately, the ship sank. Mrs. Astor thought she lost him, but would later discover he had actually been safe the whole time.

Mr. Astor wrote Mrs. Astor a message in a priceless quantum force gemerald which was later discovered by the Professor, Amy, Hermes and Zoidberg, along with the Land Titanic's original passenger manifest.

Leela's grandmother explained that Mr. Astor saved her mother's life by giving her his place in a Life Car. His act of generosity caused him to land-drown and be completely altered in the NNY Sewers.

When Leela and Mutated Fry kissed by the struggle's end, his mutation strangely came off. The mutation said its name was Mr. Astor. It turned out he did not perish that fateful day, but rather plummeted into the toxic lake, where he mutated and lived in solitude until Fry stepped into his mouth and lodged there. Mrs. Astor acknowledged her husband and hugged him. They were reunited.

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  • He is likely a direct reference to John Jacob Astor IV of the RMS Titanic, who is rumored to have selflessly sacrificed his spot in a lifeboat for a young immigrant named Louis.
  • When Mr. Astor first appeared in the series, he was seen bald and with full hair. It's unknown whether it was a joke or simply a mistake.
  • Mrs. Astor once addressed him as "Mister," so it might be his first name.


    Mr. Astor: [The gemerald message, dictated but not read.] My dear Mrs. Astor, my love for you is as unsinkable as this land ship and as brilliant as this stone. Dictated but not read, Mr. Astor.