Near-Death Star

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Not to be confused with Near-Death Wish.
Near-Death Star
Near Death Star.PNG
TypeRetirement home
UsageAssist the elderly
First appearance"A Clone of My Own" (2ACV10)
Current statusUnknown

The Near-Death Star is a space station serving as a retirement home for people past the age of 160, whom are usually placed in tombstone-like structures by the Sunset Squad Robots. Professor Farnsworth was taken there after he revealed that he had been lying about his age and was not actually 150 (2ACV10). According to the Professor, old people are hooked up to a life support system, making them think they are living in Florida with hundreds of other old people. During this fantasy, the old people could only play bingo, eat oatmeal and wait for their children to call. Sometimes also people aged less than 160 are brought there, such as Eloise Porter who was 145 years old by 3001.



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  • The Near-Death Star parodies the Death Star in the Star Wars franchise.
  • The endless rows are similar to the Mines of Moria in the Lord of the Rings, although the first of the LOTR films was released after this episode. Though they could be inspired by the original works of Tolkien or other animated adaptations, they are more likely an intentional evocation of The Matrix in that these endless rows are filled with towers, the towers filled with the elderly. The parallelism is confirmed when Professor Farnsworth is discovered in a capsule similar to Neo's. This is confirmed in Near-Death Wish when Leela states that the elderly are used to power the Near-Death Star and adds that the idea came from the movie itself.