New Jersey

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New Jersey
New Jersey.png
LocationUnited States, Earth
First appearance"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)

New Jersey is a fairly unpopular state south of New New York. A suspiciously fantastic apartment was nearly sold to Fry and Bender until they found out it was located there. [1ACV03] It is also the home of the Robot Devil.

Locations of Interest

Additional Info


  • New Jersey is listed as New New Jersey in "Bendin' in the Wind", which indicates it may have been destroyed and rebuilt like New New York.
    • This conclusion is unlikely considering how every other use of the name has just been New Jersey. It is likely that the appellation New New Jersey is just a goof. The only other alternative, albeit odd, is that the other 6 mentions of New Jersey are wrong. It is also possible, that like York and New York, New New Jersey is a different town from New Jersey. However, this is unlikely.