Petroleum oil

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Petroleum oil
Ruth and Esther wrestling in petroleum oil (6ACV13).
First appearance"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)

By the 31st century, petroleum oil is no longer in use, as all of the Earth's reserves ran dry in 2038 (3ACV13). However, in the non-canonical Robanukah 3010, Bender created a new tradition for the holiday that involves Fembots like Ruth and Esther wrestling in it, while wearing bikinis (6ACV13).


When he realized that they only had enough oil for four and a half weeks, when Robanukah lasts for six and a half, and that there was no more oil in the planet, he convinced the Planet Express crew to drill deep into the Earth. Unfortunately, the pressure made half of the ship cave in, killing all the crew members except for him.

After staying below the Earthican surface for 500 million years, the dead crew turned into petroleum oil. Bender collected an amount and went back to the surface, becoming surprised to find that the oil that was supposed to last for four and a half weeks actually lasted for 500 million years. He proclaimed it a miracle.

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    Bender: Aw, man! Can't we just make more petroleum oil?
    Professor Farnsworth: I'm afraid not, son. [He turns on the hologram projector which shows a grid sphere.] Petroleum only forms when organic matter is subjected to intense pressure for hundreds of millions of years. [His explanation is graphically represented by a giant Human hand, possibly the hand of God, squeezing a tree, a Human, and a brontosaurus into petroleum.]